Downsize Your Wardrobe

Empty Your Wardrobe and Sort Through Every Item

Where Do I Start

Where Do I Start

Pick up each item of clothing and make a decision about it there and then,before returning it to your wardrobe. Be ruthless remember you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time.

The best way to sort things out is to create a pile for each of the following

  1. KEEP – FREQUENT USE– Items that fit, that go with other items, that you wear often – or have worn in the last 3 months
  2. KEEP – INFREQUENT USE– Special occasion items such as evening wear
  3. KEEP – OUT OF SEASON– Items you wear, but not in this current season
  4. KEEP – TO ACTION– Items that require cleaning, mending etc…
  5. CHARITY– Items in good condition that you don’t wear anymore
  6. GIVEAWAY– Items to gift to friends or family
  7. SELL–On Ebay etc

If the thought of downsizing your wardrobe, is  too overwhelmingwe are here to help and inspire you.    

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