We can Organise

  • One area:  a pantry, cupboard or walk in robe
  • One room:  an office, kitchen or bedroom – even teenagers’ rooms
  • Your home: one room at a time
  • Home Office: learn how to establish & maintain an effective filing system and manage your paper work
  • Rediscover Your Home: declutter to find the home you used to love
  • Prepare your Home for Sale: we declutter your entire house and use your own  furnishings to present your  home  picture perfect and ready for sale to the most discerning buyer
  • Family treasures and memorabilia: we sort, store and style them
  • Moving: we pre-pack and sort-out your move.
  • Downsizing: we assist you to cull the household cupboards and reduce  paperwork allowing you to move to a smaller property taking only what you need
  • Transition: a child’s room to accommodate your teenager
  • Setting up the Nursery: for your 1st child