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Doing okay but don’t really feel great about your home as it’s rather messy?

Do you shove things in the cupboards before the cleaners & guests arrive? But can’t find things later?

Do you want to move beyond this and enjoy your home more?

Could the inside of your home use a bit of a face-lift? But don’t want to spend a fortune?

Well give me a call and I will help you, and get you going.

We will Jush it up with your own furnishings, keeping costs to a minimum.

We are much cheaper than a decorator and can make things look fabulous.

This is an investment in your most valuable asset – your home.

A mini-makeover makes a huge difference, allowing you to enjoy having people over with confidence! An organised home is a happy home.

  • We will reconfigure the furniture you have to create a better flow and movement in your home.
  • We will de-clutter cupboards so that the contents don’t spill out when opened.
  • We will transform your living space and create a maintainable tidiness.
  • Everything will have a place, be easy to find and easy to keep tidy.
  • At the end or our 4 hour session I drop the no longer needed items to charity.  Other things may go in your recycling or rubbish bin.
  • A charity collection may be booked for larger items that are not needed.
  • You will be left feeling quite liberated and ready to entertain – bring on the holidays!

start with all sorted out today

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