Kon Mari Technique

Experienced Professional Organiser

Jo Carmichael is an experienced Professional Organiser. Influenced by Marie Kondo, Jo created her business ALL SORTED OUT more than ten years ago, and has been busy engaged in declutter assignments for homes and offices in and around Sydney in that time.

Decluttering and Professional Organising has been available for many years, However, the Kon Mari technique of decluttering has set off a worldwide craze.

The Kon Mari technique has featured in her two books. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. And her recently published Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class’s on the Art of Organizing.

More than two million people in Europe, the U.S. And Japan are not only buying and reading her books, they have also adopted her Kon Mari method and are sharing it with the world – creating a decluttering frenzy.

The Kon Mari technique focus is on keeping the things that spark joy, not what to discard. This differs from the usual ‘decluttering’ method that concentrates on what to discard.

Jo has been in the film production business, working with Japanese production companies in sync with the Japanese way of work and life. Backed up with working across the Australian film and television industry, and with ten years decluttering Australian homes as her base, culminated in being the presenter of the Japanese guru Kon Mar’s technique of decluttering here in Australia on a recent TV Special All I Need.

Older clients of Jo’s are downsizing from large homes full of stuff – belonging not only to them, but also inherited items, plus the flotsam and jetsam left behind by family members as they leave the nest. This is a lot of stuff. These clients are often loath to part with this momentous house full of possessions. However it is essential they can divest themselves of the past so they can move into the future, and a more compact and enjoyable lifestyle.

With the ‘declutter to downsize’ demographic, the challenge is to reduce the size of their footprint, to enable them to move into a more compact home. This is not easy for the average ageing 70 year old living in a 5 bedroom home.

With the Kon Mari technique as a guide, they do achieve this and much more. Jo says “The success of this approach is demonstrated by the feedback I receive. In the declutter to downsize process, upon return visits to the homes of older clients, I am often surprised to see how excited and happy they are at their own progress -their own spark of joy has occurred”.

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo