Does your car fit in your garage? Just?

Our garages often become a wilderness of abandoned projects, neglected hobbies and lost things.

Old fishing rods, boxes crammed full of the kid’s old clothing and tools that have been busy collecting dust instead of being busy at work. The garage is often the place that these things go to be forgotten about.

If you turn a blind eye for too long things can get out of hand and you end up losing the usability of the space entirely.

When this happens it’s time to get honest with yourself and start asking the hard questions – “Are we ever going to use those surfboards that we bought 11 years ago on impulse, used once then never looked at again, REALLY?”

Was the answer no? If so, It’s time for an intervention!

Declutter your garage and give your car some space to breathe. Jo and All Sorted Out are experts at helping those in Sydney declutter and clear out their neglected car spaces.

She takes the stress out of parking for the night, giving you room to open your doors and swing your legs wide. It’s time to be done with the sideways shuffle and stride out of your car with confidence.

Jo will assist you in packing up your unwanted goods so you can be sure that you’re only left with what’s necessary to have a tidy, functional garage.

She’ll then help you organise what’s left, so you can tackle the hobbies and tasks around the house with complete efficiency!

Now is a good time to declutter and shed some light on this often neglected space!

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