Lifestyle Changes & Transitions

Life is all about changes

Maybe you’re expecting your first child and you need to set up a nursery for the little miracle that is on it’s way. Maybe your child has outgrown their childhood room and it needs to be adapted to fit the teenager they’ve become. Maybe the kids have FINALLY moved out and you’ve got a chance to turn their empty bedrooms into the home gym (or man-cave!) of your dreams.

One thing that always holds true is that life is all about changes. Sometimes these changes are expected and cause for celebration, other times life throws us curve balls that we just have to roll with. Whatever surprises that come your way it’s important that you can meet them head on and make the most of them.

Jo can help you adapt and repurpose your existing spaces. She specialises in helping Sydney families get the most out of what they have, making a smooth transition through their life stages.

Whether it’s something simple like finding a little extra floor space to handle a bigger bed, or something as ambitious as a complete overhaul, Jo has seen it all before.

Jo aims to make all aspects of the change simple. She’ll help you organise the moving of furniture, design floor plans and optimise the flow of the new room ahead of time, so you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable with the room for years to come.

Improve, adapt and redefine you and your families lives. With Jo at your side you’ll soon come to realise that the possibilities really are endless.

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