The Home Office

Jo is decluttering and transforming home offices across Sydney.

She can help you minimise your downtime, maximise your workflow and get your office working for you.

All the while you’ll be injecting some much needed style to your workplace. Soon your office will be looking and feeling like a space that will have you looking forward to coming to work. Who knows, you may never want to leave!

An expert in organising floor plans, streamlining paper flow and tackling those tedious sorting and filing jobs, Jo can easily sort it out.

She can help you:

  • Streamline your paper flow, and make a system that keeps things simple
  • Sort through piles of paper, putting them in groups that make sense and are then easy to action. ie- Medical receipts to claim are all together
  • File your documents
  • Set up filing systems – for general records and investments
  • Archive older documents and free up the contents of your filing cabinet for current papers
  • Offer Personal Assistant skills – to research, book and organise any event
  • Collate paperwork ready for handing to your Tax Professional
  • Streamline and organise the placement of furniture & equipment in your office
  • Organise a Vitals Document – so that all your important documents are up to date, and easily located in a secure file, should they be required

Make her your first point of call when you want to organise your home office and get your work running smoothly.

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