Rediscover Your Home

We de-clutter to find the home you used to love – because it’s still there, hiding.

This is a collaborative process.

We are partners in rediscovering your home as we de-clutter, whether it is to maximise floor space, find a place for things so it’s no longer messy, reconfigure furniture for a better flow, or give it some love to make it more stylish, liveable and fun.

This service is less expensive than hiring a decorator and encourages the use of your existing treasures and family heirlooms with out the cost of purchasing unnecessary decorator items.

Your home or office is transformed into an appealing living space, and you acquire the skills to maintain this level of organisation, because everything has a proper place and a logical place and can go back there easily.

I am a fresh set of eyes who knows how to open up a space you look at everyday.  I am not emotionally attached so I can show you how to move forward and improve it rather simply.

Mini Makeovers

Doing okay but don’t really feel great about your home as it’s rather messy? Do you shove things in the cupboards before the cleaners & guests arrive? But can’t find things later? Do you want to move beyond this and enjoy your home more? Could the inside of your home use a bit of a face-lift? But don’t want to spend a fortune?

Well give me a call and I will help you, and get you going.

We will Jush it up with your own furnishings, keeping costs to a minimum.

We are much cheaper than a decorator and can make things look fabulous.

This is an investment in your most valuable asset – your home.

A mini-makeover makes a huge difference, allowing you to enjoy having people over with confidence! An organised home is a happy home.

  • We will reconfigure the furniture you have to create a better flow and movement in your home.
  • We will de-clutter cupboards so that the contents don’t spill out when opened.
  • We will transform your living space and create a maintainable tidiness.
  • Everything will have a place, be easy to find and easy to keep tidy.
  • At the end or our 4 hour session I drop the no longer needed items to charity.  Other things may go in your recycling or rubbish bin.
  • A charity collection may be booked for larger items that are not needed.
  • You will be left feeling quite liberated and ready to entertain – bring on the holidays!

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