Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

Establish fresh routines

Consider taking care of as many daytime preparations as possible the night before. Lay out clothes. Pack lunches. Set out the breakfast dishes and cereal. Pack the backpacks.

Have a spot on a low shelf in the pantry to store lunch boxes and lunch making supplies. Your children can be responsible for putting away their empty lunch boxes at the end of the day or even packing lunch.

Create a homework station

Decide on the best spot in your home to set up homework. Once you have chosen a place, put together handy homework tools and supplies into a nearby bin, cabinet or drawer

Create a system for school papers

There are two types of papers, those you need to take action on and those you’re keeping for future reference. Designate a convenient spot for items you need to act on or refer back to throughout the school year

For schoolwork and artwork you want to keep, collect the possible keepers into a small storage bin. Go through your bin using a regular time interval that works for you, like once a week, once a month or once a term.

Do your homework every day.

All those papers that come home in the backpack each night? Once you have your paperwork system set up, create a routine to help you and your kids stay on top of everything… Take action on any paperwork that requires your attention. Sign and return permission slips. Add important dates to the family calendar

Create a put-away bin.

Keep household clutter at bay by placing items into a put-away bin. Assign one for each family member, or collect everything into a single bin, and take turns on put-away duty. Clearing out your bin each and every day will keep clutter at bay.

Remember not to forget

Create a simple system by the door to help you remember your new routine or special items you need to take with you each day: gym shoes on gym day, violin on music day, and snacks on snack day. Hang a bin or basket by your door to hold the items you need to remember.

With these simple strategies, staying organized all school year is as certain as a fresh box of crayons on the first day of school.