How to achieve a stress free move

How to achieve a stress free move

“I’ll never move again”, wailed a friend at her new abode when it looked like this photo, weeks after moving in.

Moving is a daunting task. The amount of “stuff” we accumulate is terrifying.

If you literally don’t know where to begin contact us at ‘all sorted out’. Before the move we work with you to sort and cull whatever has taken over your cupboards and drawers.

Within hours we will have things sorted in piles:

  • Keep & Pack It – with a tag on it as to which room it should go to in the new location
  • Sell It – to an auction house or on ebay
  • Move It – to grandma’s garage temporarily
  • Give it to charity or skip-bin it

This way you only move what you need, dispensing with the excess stuff that shouldn’t move with you. We will inspire you  and have you up and organised in no time.

We assist you to move seamlessly into the new home by helping decide where to place furniture so a great floor plan is created with a place for everything, without it being everywhere.

Moving or just wanting to get organised at home, you’re welcome to contact  all sorted out on 0438 291 568.

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