Visual Diary

Visual Diary

Many years ago, my mother in law was wondering what to do with all the memorabilia she was collecting and asked “What should she do with all this stuff?” Our friend suggested starting up a Visual Diary. So, she purchased an A3 book with blank pages and sorted through her collection, pasting in the most valuable items and discarding the rest.

She has continued this process throughout the years, saving everything from childrens’ paintings, wedding invitations and funeral services. This is a great way to preserve family history, instead of it languishing in a bottom draw. Going through the books with her grandchildren on a rainy day has also been great entertainment, for all of them.

Trying to explain to my kids how a “a mullet haircut”  from the 1980s could have been a popular look, is another thing.

This is just one example of the “family memorabilia” service offered by all sorted out.

Please contact us to arrange your family’s memorabilia so it keeps on keeping on.