Organising your Home Office

The Need/The Problem

Embarrassed of your workspace? Ashamed to have clients/guests over? Can’t find what you need when you need it? Do you lose time due to inefficiency? Are you afraid to file anything? Is clutter controlling you?

Organising Your Desk. It may sound obvious, but the most important item in keeping your papers and files organised and on hand is a desk.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t have one and rely on boxes and the kitchen or dining room table. A desk doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it require a great deal of room. Any small corner or even a closet will do.

Before sallying forth to locate the perfect desk, measure the space you have set aside for the desk.  Decide how much you can afford to spend and check out the office supply catalogues to give you and idea of what is available. Don’t forget to visit the secondhand or used office furniture stores – real bargains can be found there.

To begin, collect together seven boxes and label as follows:

  • To File
  • To Do
  • To Read
  • Contacts
  • Office Equipment
  • Magazines/Catalogues
  • Other Rooms

Sort items as you uncover them. Don’t get sidetracked with unnecessary trips to other rooms or cupboards. This not only wastes time, but when your enthusiasm starts to wane, you will still be left with a mess – albeit a slightly more organised mess. Keep reading our Blog for further advice on your Office Space.