Decluttering is all the rage – what’s in it for me?

Decluttering is all the rage – what’s in it for me?

Why declutter? Well here are a few reasons:

1. More time

When you aren’t feeling overwhelmed from the chaos in your home or office, you’ll have more time to get quality work done. Not having to spend an hour finding an outfit to wear or tracking down your missing keys saves incredible amounts of time, too.  I’ve seen people save about 40 mins a day on average, every single day, after decluttering.

2. Ditch a bad habit and start a better one

Rather than taking a vacation to detox, simply remove all the junk in one part of your home.
In a more complex way, you’re removing triggers to negative emotions when you remove stuff that isn’t wholly positive from your space.

3. Sleep Better

When you clear out the clutter around you — especially when you address the clutter in your bedroom— it can become easier to fall asleep.

4. Problems get solved

When you’re equipped with the fresh perspective that’s opened up with a clear space, it’s far easier to focus and solve problems ingeniously.

5. Money flows more freely

One of the instant benefits that many of my client’s experience is finding money — sometimes lots of it, often in unexpected places. Whether decluttering the wardrobe or the office, cash is often hiding in the most unexpected places.

6. Making a Decision

A clutter-free home, assists decision making. A client rang recently, after I had revamped his closets and office, to tell me that as a result of decluttering and donating piles of things he no longer needed, a decision he had been putting off for month’s became an easy next step.

There’s no downside to decluttering. Everything will improve everywhere you look. You’ll feel fantastic, emotionally lighter and energized. So tackle that small space today — whether it be a drawer, a purse, or a shelf. With each achievement, you’ll build motivation and as Marie Kondo says you will receive Sparks of Joy.