Feng Shui & Decluttering for Good Vibes

Feng Shui & Decluttering for Good Vibes

Feng Shui Cures, we’ve got this sorted.

My client recently had a Feng Shui reading on her home and discovered there are a few things that fall under the umbrella of bad Feng Shui. One is clutter, and another big one is too many mirrors, especially in the bedroom. Think those mirror cupboard doors we all love so much. It was recommended she cover the mirrors to improve the harmony and good fortune of her life.

all sorted out loves a challenge and set about covering the mirror cupboards as requested – note this is a tenanted property. So with some sheer curtains picked up from Freedom, double sided tape and a tape measure we solved her problem.

And the big surprise?? The whole vibe of the room immediately felt sooo much nicer – and more relaxing. The sheer fabric allowed the shine of the mirror to still come thru, but the fabric really softened this bedroom. The fabric panels are like a lovely soft cloud to complement the stark walls in a smallish room.  

Yes clutter is also bad Feng Shui. So we decluttered the bulging wardrobe and the floordrobe discarding the clothes and accessories she no longer loved or used. I saw constant smiles of  pleasure as she placed the extraneous clothing in the donate bag. Her own clothes were rehung on felt covered hangers and sorted so that shirts were with shirts, dresses with dresses, and colour coded from whites  to darks. Jeans, sweaters, underwear and gym gear were folded Kon Mari style in drawers. I must say it looked fab, just like in a shop.  

This generous client donated so many beautiful items to our friends at Dress For Success and The Manly Women’s Shelter – spreading the JOY. My colleagues there are very appreciative of these good quality, on trend garments.  

It seems every time you pick up a magazine now there is an article extolling the virtues of decluttering – which makes me so happy!!