Long Road Trip Tips

Long Road Trip Tips

Many people are about to hit the road, and whether your heading north to escape the winter chills or visiting the family for the school holidays, these tips could help make your trip organised and trouble free.

Road Trip Check List

  • Emergency Kit
    In a plastic bin pack, a first aid kit, a torch with extra batteries, a fleece blanket, bottled water,  wet wipes and a plastic bag for rubbish.  Extras to have on hand are protein bars and chewy mints to refresh.
  • Soft Sided Luggage
    Duffels and tote bags, which are easy to squeeze into a stuffed car, are the key to effective packing. If you’re planning an overnight stop stock a separate overnight bag with toiletries and a change of clothes – for all the family. One stop one bag!
  • Universal Charger
    Your smart phone is your lifeline so make sure you have a charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter.
  • Never Ending Radio
    What’s a road trip without radio? The Tunein Radio App will give you access to local radio stations, along with thousands of others across the globe.
  • Service Station Finder
    Is an app which provides information on surrounding service stations – so you can plan a toilet break and petrol refill in one stop.

Car Smarts

Don’t forget these crucial details:

  • Test the air pressure in tyres. Top up oil, coolant, wiper and brake fluids – or book the car in for a service before heading out of town.
  • Rego, Insurance and Licence – check there up to date.
  • If you have roadside assist, put the number in your phone.

Happy Motoring