Secrets of Being Clutter Free with Jo Carmichael

Secrets of Being Clutter Free with Jo Carmichael

Clean Benches Daily

Ever tried to wipe down a cluttered bench that’s covered in stuff.  Not so easy, is it.

Don’t distinguish between Summer and Winter Wardrobes

You thought that box of bathers was an honest effort to stay organised. But in reality, it gives us an excuse to hold onto stuff we don’t need.  A good rule of thumb: Your entire yearly wardrobe should fit in your drawers and closet. If it doesn’t, you need to purge.

Don’t own clothes you don’t like

This one seems obvious, but think about it: How many ugly sweatshirts are you hanging onto just because you might wear them to paint the garage some day?

Don’t keep gifts you don’t like

It might seem callous, but there’s no shame in parting with gifts that aren’t your thing.


Some things–like your first edition Alice in Wonderland–are nice to own in the flesh. Other things–like tax returns from 2012–are better off kept in the cloud. Take stock of your papers, books and movies to see what you could easily digitize and store on your computer or online. This is a good job for our teenagers!

When we buy a new item, throw out an old one

Think about the stuff in your house in terms of finite numbers. You have 20 pairs of shoes. You have 3 spatulas. You have 4 lipsticks. When we buy a new pair of boots or even just a fun little cooking utensil, an old one has to go.

Don’t have a junk drawer

Yes, it’s tempting to have a place to store the stuff  we’re not quite sure what to do with. But mark my words, once you allow that old mobile phone charger into junk-drawer purgatory, it’s a slippery slope toward total chaos. Best to throw it out, or assign it a proper home to start with.

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